Please note that we will be closed from Monday, May 20th, until Monday, June 2nd. We will resume business on Tuesday, June 3rd. If the turnaround time for your repair extends beyond May 20th and you choose to proceed with the repair, your device will be returned after June 2nd. If you need your device repaired quickly and the turnaround time for your repair exceeds May 20th, we advise you not to use our services at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome To Fix Revolution

   We Come To You! We Are A Mobile Repair Shop   

We provide professional repair services with over 10 years of experience. We take great pride in being the very best at Game console, iPad and Macbook repairs. It all started years ago as kids with a love for technology, and taking things apart. Our love for fixing things eventually evolved from a hobby, into a successful career.

Over the years We have seen and repaired a wide range of devices. From simple cracked screens, to devices so thoroughly destroyed our clients service provider told them to throw it away. No matter the level of distress, We are confident that we can help.

Thanks to our hard work and dedication, We have established ourselves as the number one repair option in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We offer quick and reliable repairs at a fair price, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.



Receive a complimentary quote for your device repair.


Schedule a pickup to initiate your repair process now!


Schedule a drop-off appointment upon receiving a call or email notification that your device is ready.


Living outside of the city? No problem. Simply mail in your device, and we’ll promptly return it to you once repaired.

Most iPhone Screen Repairs Are Done The Same Day.

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iphone-screen-repair in ottawa

We provide iPhone repair services for all models at competitive prices. We use premium quality iPhone replacement parts. Most iPhone repairs can be done the same day and many of them are done in 15 minutes, saving you time. We have the best iPhone repair center in Ottawa!


Cell Phone repair Ottawa

Our cell phone repair center can repair most Samsung, LG, Google and Motorola models. We use top quality parts. If you need help with your Apple, Samsung, Motorola, or LG cell phone, give us a call. We will give you the details you need to get your cell phone repair started today.


iPad repair Ottawa

We are Ottawa’s #1 destination for iPad repairs and Tablet repairs. Whether it is an iPad screen replacement, charging problem, battery replacement, water damage or any other problem your iPad or Samsung tablet may have we will get it fixed the same day.


Macbook repair Ottawa

We offer the most affordable macbook repair services in Ottawa, We understand the importance of your macbook, that is why our customers will receive the fastest and most affordable macbook repair services.


PS5 Repair Ottawa

Whether you’re dealing with hardware problems, software glitches, or anything in between, we’ll get your PS5 back to peak performance in no time. Don’t let a faulty console hold you back from your favorite games.

Xbox Series X

Xbox series x repair Ottawa

From hardware issues to software glitches, We have the skills and expertise to fix any problem. Don’t let a faulty Xbox Series X ruin your gaming experience, contact us today for quick and efficient repair.

Xbox Series S

Xbox series s repair Ottawa

Whether you’re dealing with hardware problems, software issues, or anything in between, we’ll get your console back in action in no time. Don’t let a faulty Xbox Series S hold you back, contact us today.


Ps4 repair Ottawa

Broken hdmi port on your ps4 ? A faulty ps4 can turn your wonderful gaming experience into a nightmare. We get it because we’re gamers too. We will revive your excitement in no time.


Xbox repair Ottawa

We have skilled repair technicians to get your Xbox One working in no time. We guarantee our work and every repair comes with a 90 day warranty. Has your Xbox One, stopped working? No worries, Call us today.

Why Choose Fix Revolution


Getting your device repaired shouldn’t break the bank. Our low price guarantee ensures that we always offer the best price.

We really know our stuff, and this experience shows in the quality and speed of our work. Many repairs can be done same day.

We offer a 90 day warranty on all our repairs. Rest easy knowing that if the original repair fails we will fix it for FREE.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why You Should Repair Your Devices and Not Throw Them Out ?

1- Cost-effective: Repairing your device is often more cost-effective than purchasing a new one.

2- Environmental impact: Fixing your device helps reduce electronic waste, which is a growing environmental concern.

3- Keeps your data secure: When you repair your device, you can keep your personal data and information secure.

4- Prolongs the life of your device: Regular maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your device, saving you money in the long run.

5- Supports local businesses: Supporting local repair shops, like Fix Revolution, helps keep your community strong and vibrant.

6- Skilled technicians: The technicians at Fix Revolution are highly trained and experienced, providing you with quality repairs and customer service.

7- Quick turnaround time: With Fix Revolution, you can have your device repaired and back in your hands in no time.

Don’t throw out your broken device, fix it with us! Contact us today to get a free quote or schedule a repair.

Sell Your Broken Device

We pay top dollar for your broken electronics. If you’ve decide not to get your device fixed, we would love to purchase it from you.